Patrizia Sieweck

The fiddler of the sea

For many years Patrizia Sieweck lived in a small village on the south western Atlantic coast of Ireland named Glandore. The German girl started to play Irish music at an early age and participated in a thriving sailing scene in Ireland, hence the special interest in sea shanties. But the mysterious north wind called for her, so the fiddle, banjo, guitar player and singer exchanged the wild Atlantic for the city of Vienna and the blue river Danube.

It would turn out to be an exciting time of musical sessions, festivals and road trips. Discovering new musical styles, she also came into contact with Canadian, Swedish and American folk music. Many visits to mainly Irish folk festivals throughout Europe are responsible for shaping her very unique style on the fiddle and banjo.

Over the years she was able to collect a wide repertoire of Irish tunes and songs. But still the north wind called out for her and from the river Danube it took her to the river Spree – Berlin to be exact.

Today the multi instrumentalist is part of the successful show Cornamusa – World of Pipe Rock and Irish Dance with whom she spends a lot of time on the road. She also plays with Murphy’s Law and follows a solo career. 2021 she was invited to participate in a performance for the TV programme Arte Concert.