About Scéalta

The modern Scéalaithe

A gaelic word with a rich history.

As early as a thousand years ago, the scéalaithe – the storytellers – would enchant their audience with Irish myths and legends. They travelled throughout the land and collected stories of adventures, but also things of general interest and importance to share them with the people they would meet along the way. Even today – centuries later – the art of storytelling is still of great importance.

Four artists from four different corners of Europe – from the Carpathians to Donegal Bay – have been telling such stories all their lives through Irish music and dance. Chance brought the four artists to Berlin and made it their home and their centre of creative activity. Here they became friends and following the art of the scéalaithe (storytellers) they tell their own tales of home, travel, friendship and love.

This is how Scéalta came to life. A quartet of modern storytellers present Irish music and dance – Patrizia Sieweck (fiddle & vocals), Danny O’Connor (guitar & vocals), Nicole Ohnesorge and Gyula Glaser (dance).

Scéalta makes stories come to life through rousing Irish folk songs and melodies with captivating Irish dance – presented with a modern touch.